Ongoing Projects/Activities

The huge task was taken up at SCERT, WEBEL being the Project Managament Agency. This project aimed at greater access to rare books at SCERT (WB) and their preservation. The digitisation of documents involved the following processes  – registering, scanning, optical character recognition, proof-reading, reformatting, addition of metadata.The digital library would be available online soon.

This would involve 3 stages :-
i)Conceptualisation and Development workshop
ii) Workshop to develop story board
iii) Integration of the story boards in CDs/DVDs for piloting.

The project would be initiated soon.

TEN is the propose architecture and framework that will establish a network among the SCERT, DIETs,PTTIs and BITEs. The proposed framework will network the institutions, their personnel,workflow system and will deter duplication of efforts.

The project would entail –
i) Electronic diarisation of inward letters and files.
ii) Electronic movement of receipts and files with digital signature.
iii) Creation of drafts for approval and final issue.
iv) Dispatch of letters.
v) Setting due dates and reminders.
vi) Oueries and reports
vii)Migration module

The process has been taken up by WTL.

A study on causes of drop-out among students at Elementary (From Class 8 to 9) and Secondary (From class 9 to 10) levels in Government /Government Sponsored/Government Aided Schools Of West Bengal

Development Of Mathematics Laboratory Manual for Teacher Educators and setting up Mathematics Laboratory SCERT and DIETS(A CSSTE Project).