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Publication at a Glance

Sl. No. Title of the Publication Year of Publication Summary of contents
1. Report of the School Education Committee, West Bengal December, 2002 Recommendations of the School Education Committee formed under Prof. Ranjugopal Mukherji on different aspects of school education.
2. Report of the Committee on operationalisation of DIETs in West Bengal June,2003 Concept and status of DIETs, suggested activities of DIETs, major recommendations
3. A Documentary on Teacher Education Institutions of West Bengal March,2005 The documentary was prepared on CD-ROM. Visits were made to the Institutions in different parts of the state.
4 Orientation Manual for teachers on Life-style Education March,2005 Concept of Life-style Education and examples of co curricular activities.
5 Twenty five years of Research in School Education: The scenario in West Bengal. June ,2006 Collection of titles of Ph.D. studies on different aspects of school education carried out in various universities in West Bengal since 1980
6 Tracking mainstream students admitted through lottery in Govt. and Govt. sponsored schools in 1995 June 2006 Information about such students and those who completed schools in Govt. and Govt. sponsored schools.
7 Study of availability of educational facilities to primary school students in Canning-1 Block of South 24 Parganas June 2006 Report of a survey conducted in Canning-1 Block
8 Report titled ‘Jalpaiguri: An effort to identify challenges in the context of UEE’ June 2007 Report of a survey conducted in five blocks of Jalpaiguri district for assessment of educational needs.
9 Report of the Core Group, West Bengal on National Curriculum Framework 4805 (NCF’05) 2007 The syllabus of each stage and all the subjects of school education was reviewed in the light of NCF’05 with all the stakeholders.
10 Bengali version of NCF’05titled জাতীয় পাঠক্রমের রূপরেখা, ২০০৯ 2007 The NCF’05 published by NCERT was translated into Bengali.
11 Impact Study of Mid-day Meal Scheme in West Bengal 2008 The report contained the findings of survey conducted in primary schools and SSKs of five districts, based on the opinions collected from head teachers, community members, parents and students.
12 Study on the reasons behind large decline in enrolment between classes I & II 2008 The study was conducted in two districts, viz. South 24 Parganas and Jalpaiguri
13 Impact Assessment of SCOPE (School Cluster Organisation : A Project of Education) 2008 The report contains the findings of the external evaluation of SCOPE conducted by SCERT. SCOPE was administered by the Directorate of School Education in 84 schools under 6 school clusters in 3 districts (Nadia, Murshidabad and Birbhum)
14 Quick Verification of ASER

2007 Report

2008 The study compared the educational status of two districts, viz. Purulia and Jalpaiguri with that depicted in ASER 2007 report published by Pratham.
15 Development of supplementary text materials in Natural Science for tribal (Santhali) students (Grade – III) and to study their significance on school achievement 2008 The ‘interim report’ contains findings collected from 75 primary schools of 3 districts (Bankura, Birbhum and Purulia), having more than 80% Santhali students, based on the opinion of teachers, baseline survey of academic achievement of the students and an achievement test conducted on the students.
16 Bilingual supplementary text material titled ‘Paribesh Parichiti’ for class – III 2008 This supplementary text material in Natural Science was developed for use by Santhali students studying in class – III of Bengali medium primary schools. Each page of the material contains the Bengali text and its Santhali version (in Bengali script) along with suitable illustrations and evaluation items.
17 Three (separate) workbooks titled ‘Kajer Majhe Bigyan’ for classes VI, VII and VIII 2009 The workbooks contain examples of hands-on activities in Physical Science, Life Science, Environmental Science and Geography that could be performed by students using easily available low-cost materials.
18 Three (separate) workbooks titled ‘Kajer Madhyame Ganit’ for classes VI, VII and VIII 2009 The workbooks contain examples of hands-on activities in Mathematics that could be performed by students using easily available low-cost materials
19 Janasampad Bishayak Shiksha for implementation of National Population Education Project 2009 This is a mannual designed for advocacy of teachers in the different tenets of Population Education.
20 Achievement of students at Primary and Upper Primary levels vis-à-vis attendance of students and teachers in West Bengal 2009 The report is the outcome of a study conducted in 349 schools of the state to study school infrastructure, academic and professional status of teachers, reasons for teachers remaining away from schools, status of enrolment and attendance of students.
21 Study on Implications of Private Tuition 2009 The study was conducted in 346 schools of the state in order to ascertain the extent to which private tuition is taken resort to at each stage of school education and to study the social, economic and pedagogic aspects of the practice. A survey was conducted to collect information and opinions from head teachers, teachers, parents, community members, private tutors and students.
22 Final report of the project ‘Development of supplementary text materials in Natural Science for tribal (Santhali) students (Grade – III) and to study their significance on school achievement’ 2010 The final report contains findings collected from 75 primary schools of 3 districts (Bankura, Birbhum and Purulia), having more than 80% Santhali students before and after administration of an intervention in the form of a Bilingual supplementary text material.
23 Report of two studies titled “Comparison of performance of Govt. – aided and Private schools at the primary stage in West Bengal” and “Study on efficacy of detention of children of classes VI, VII & VIII” 2010 The report includes findings of two pilot studies carried out in Govt.-aided and private schools in terms of their management, infrastructure, performance, detention strategies, etc.
24 Report of ‘On-site support to the teachers of selected primary schools in Bishnupur-II & Maheshtala – Thakurpukur blocks of district South 24 Parganas for improvement of the quality of teaching – learning 2011 The report delineates various aspects of on-site training.
25 Report of the comparison of primary schools and Shishu Shiksha Kendras in the districts of Hooghly & South 24 Parganas 2011 The report is a comparative study between the primary schools under the  Department and the SSKs under the P&RD,GoWB.
26 Report of the impact of teachers’ training in West Bengal under SSA 2011 The study conducted among 219 primary schools & 133 upper primary schools of 15 districts suggested that a “lot more  effort” is required to make INSET a meaningful 27and successful endeavor.
27 Development of a draft text book titled ‘’Paribesh O Bigyan’’ for class VI March’2012 The draft text book has been designed as per the current available draft syllabus of class  VI .
28 A Module for Teachers and Teacher Educators on conducting Action Research   March,2013 The Module amid is at providing guidelines to the  practitioners  in the field of education –particularly in Teacher Education in Conducting Action Researches
29 An Overview of National Population Education Project Activities undertaken by SCERT(West Bengal ) since 2002. March,2014 Synopsis NPEP activities conducted by SCERT (WB) from 2002 to  March,2014
30 The Reckoner:
SCERT & DIETS in West Bengal
June,2014 Details of SCERT, DIETs and PTTIs in West Bengal
31 Resource and Training materials for leadership development in schools August, 2014 Resource materials and training for development of leadership in schools of West Bengal
32 Activity Booklet of Population Education November,2014 Contains the activities that may be performed by the students under activities of population education
33 A Handbook on Child Protection Policy for schools in West Bengal February,2015 Presentation of some important information that would help the stakeholders in school education to become more vigilant about protection of child rights within the school.
34 Training and Resource Materials – Adolescence Education Programme June,2015 Activities to be carried to clarify the different problems faced by adolescents.
35 The Monograph on School Leadership Development Programme June,2015 Details of the activities carried out under School Leadership Programme
36 A report on Researchable areas in Population Education December,2015 Contains basic details of 62 Researchable areas in Population Education
37 Report on the pilot study on “Performance Indiacators (PINDICS) of Elementary School Teachers” March,2016 Report of the pilot study carried out in Hooghly district to assess elementary teachers’ performance.
38 Advocacy mannual on Gender Sensitisation’’ December’2016 Advocacy mannual on gender sensitisation for D.El.Ed students and Teachers and others within the campus.


39 A Report on  “An inpact of Folk Dance on Adolescent learners on specific issues’’. February’2017 Report contains the effect of Folk Dance on the advocant learners on specific PE/AE issues.
40 A Report On Teacher Training Under RMSA(2016-17) March,2017 Report of the teacher training on the subjects viz. Englisg, Mathematics, Physical Science, Life Science and Inclusive Education & career counsiling under RMSA
41 A Report on  ‘’A study of students and attitude towards specific issues to Adlosence cocerns in the State of West Bengal’’ February’2018 Report contains the awarness level and attitude of adolocence students toward  PE/AE related
42 A hand book for Mathematics Laboratory( Elementary and Secondary Stage) July, 2018 Contains One hundred and fourteen mathematical activities and idea for designing Mathematics Laboratory in the Institution.
43 A draft report on “ A study for finding out the issues behind the outcome observed in Elementary Education in West Bengal in the light of National Achievement Survey, 2017”. August, 2018 Report contains various chapters , findings and suggestions. Also contains scope for further study
44 A Report on “ The Status of various PE/AE related activities conducted by different Govt./Non Govt organizations for Secondary Level Schools in the state of West Bengal since 2012”. December, 2018 The Status of various PE/ AE related activities conducted by ddifferent participating Govt./NGOS    for Secondary level schools in West Bengal has been described.
45 A Report on  ‘’A study of misconceptions about process of growing (PGU), HIV and AIDS among adolescent students in West Bengal’’. February’2019 The report discusses the posible reasons of msconceptions about the specific issues.