Development of Mathematics Laboratory Manual for Teacher Educators and dissemination workshops

This project was taken up by SCERT(WB) under Centrally Sponsored Scheme for Teacher Education.The ovjective of this project is to enable :

  1. A student to learn mathematics with the help of concrete objects and to exhibit thethe relatedness of mathematics with everyday life.
  2. A students to verify or discover some geometric properties using models, measurements, paper folding,paper cutting etc.
  3. A student to use different tables and ready reckoners in solving some problems.
  4. A student to draw graphs and do certain calculations using computers and calculators.
  5. The students to listen or view certain audio or video cassettes, CDs relating to different mathematical concepts.
  6. The students and teachers to organize mathematics club activities including celebration of birthdays of famous Mathematicians.
  7. A student to see a certain programe on a computer as a part of remedial instruction or enrichment under the proper guidance of the teacher.
  8. A teacher to demonstrate certain concepts and patterns using charts and models.
  9. A teacher to explain certain concepts using computers and calculators.
  10. A teacher to meet and discuss important issues relating to mathematics from time to time.


SCERT(WB) had planned to develop a Hand book of Mathematics laboratory and set up laboratory at all DIETs.