Relevant GO’s of SCERT(WB)

Sl.No.Upload OnSubjectView
111.07.2023No.: 79-SE(EE)/SCERT-4/2012View
211.07.2023Declaration of DDO in
favour of 10 DIETs
311.07.2023Order No. 352/F. No. 845(Pt-III)/SCERT View
411.07.2023Notification for DIET Santali MediumView
511.07.2023Formation of SCERTView
611.07.2023No.: 790-SE(Pry)/ES/O/P/4P-3/2001View
711.07.2023Notification of declaration in favour of the director act as H.O.O. of SCERTView
811.07.2023Function of different branches of SCERTView
911.07.2023No.: 1290-SE(P)/4P-64/87View
1006.08.2019Administrative Authority of DIETS.View
1106.08.2019Creation of Post At DIETS.View
1206.08.2019Job chart of Assistant Technician.View
1306.08.2019Job chart of Senior Lecturer and Lecturer of DIETS.View
1406.08.2019Notification of DIETS second Campus.View
1506.08.2019Opening of Bank Accounts at DIETS.View
1606.08.2019creation of post at BRGF PTTI ie. Second campus DIETView
06.08.2019recruitment rules for Principal, Lecturers and ATs , LibrarianView
24.05.2018Go's for Establishment of SCERT 1View